PRP Under Eye

PRP Under Eye Treatment is an effective treatment for the under-eye area as it increases blood vessel growth and stimulates and strengthens collagen production promoting a refreshed and youthful appearance. These new blood vessels in the under-eye area allow nutrients and oxygen into the skin, resulting in a decrease in puffiness and loose under-eye skin is tightened. Dark circles, under-eye bags, or pigmentation around your eyes can make you look tired and older but PRP treatments can overcome these issues, can turn back the clock, and revitalize tired-looking eyes, giving you added confidence.


Service Time

The entire process, including the preparation and recovery, takes approximately 60 minutes on average. Patients are able to continue with their schedules and get right back to their tasks.

Recovery Time

Due to some minor side effects like swelling and redness patients may experience, it may take 3 to 7 days for full recovery to take effect. However, based on the exact treatment you have, and other individual reasons, your recovery time could depend on other factors as well.


PRP injections stimulate your body’s natural healing process for amazing results from the inside out, so it does take time before you reach the peak effect. You may start to see small improvements in your eye circles within a couple of weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a PRP Under Eye Treatment last?

The effects of PRP injections under the eyes can last up to 3months on average. It is recommended to have treatment repeated every 3-3. However, one person may notice that their results last a bit longer.

Where can I get PRP Under Eye Treatment?

PRP Under Eye Treatment is typically designed to be effective on PRP injections in the under-eye area and is an excellent treatment for addressing fine lines and wrinkles in this region for optimum rejuvenation.

Am I a good candidate for PRP Under Eye Treatment?

Ideal candidates for under-eye restoration with PRP are adults in overall good health who aimt to improve the appearance of dark circles, loss of volume, and bags under their eyes.

Is PRP Under Eye Treatment safe?

A PRP Under Eye Treatment is nonsurgical and is very safe. Unlike most treatments, PRP is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, as it uses your body’s own healing process to improve your under-eye areas, and cannot cause occlusion (where your blood vessels or arteries become blocked) or the Tyndall effect (blue tinge on the skin appears where the injection shows). This is why, when considering the rejuvenation of the under eyes, PRP is often the safest and best choice.

How long will the treatment take?

PRP Under Eye Treatment appointments are very quick and easy and typically take 60 minutes to complete based on how many treatment areas are included in your treatment plan. We’ll make sure to keep you comfy and satisfied during the treatment too!

How can I get started with PRP Under Eye Treatment?

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